Friday, August 04, 2006

Affiliate networks

I forgot to mention affiliate networks in my last post, so here's short description.

In many cases, there are 3 sides in affiliate program. But some merchants also hire affiliate networks to do some part of work for them. They can arrange the payments, find new affiliates for the merchant, and they provide detailed reports.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Introduction to affiliate programs

i said earlier that i'll post an introduction to affiliate programs, so here it is.

Affiliate program
I'll try to explain you what the affiliate program is on the example. By the way, all characters are fictional. If you recognize yourself as one of these characters, congratulations! You could be earning money in no time if you carefully study this article and start your own affiliate business.

Jane has a website about hardware. She writes reviews about various hardware components. Let say that her site has 900 unique visitors daily. It would be great if she could earn some money from the site.
John owns a hardware shop. He always needs new customers.

What if Jane would provide a link to the John's shop where visitor can buy the item Jane was reviewing, and John would pay her money for sending him customers? This is the typical affiliate program. John is the merchant, Jane is affiliate, and the user that clicked John's ad on Jane's site is now John's customer.

How will he pay her for being his affiliate?
Pay per click (PPC) - merchant pays the affiliate when she sends him visitor. He doesn't need to buy anything. Just click the link.
Pay per sale (PPS) - affiliate will get paid only if visitor buys something at merchant's site. Most of the time, affiliate will get a percentage of the sale. Some merchants will pay affiliate a fixed amount.

There are also some other, less important payment plans. The most interesting of them is pay per impression, where affiliate gets paid when visitor sees merchant's ad.


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Introduction to the online money making

Anyone can now start his own home-based business. There are many ways to make money on the internet. MLM, affiliate programs, investments, PPC* services (e.g Adsense), eBay...
On this blog, i will show you pros and cons of various online money making facilities.

I'll make a introduction to affiliate programs later. Affiliate programs are very good and cheap income generator. You don't need to have anything except modem to start making money with affiliate programs.